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Build A Media Company

Get ahead of your competitors by taking a stand against ordinary video.

Everything starts when you understand you are not selling a product, you are selling the purpose beyond your product. How are you helping your end user? What was the original reason your company was created? What values does your brand align with and why? Being a media company sharing purpose driven content is how you’ll be able to attract great team members & work with inspiring customers.

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Share Your 'Why'

Your Brand.
Your Story.
Your Moment.

How to Build Connection & Trust

Connection is what every business strives to achieve with its market. It's not easy because the noise in the marketplace is deafening. A story-based, honest and original video breaks through the noise and attracts those who value the same things you do.

The Power of a Signature Video

How many times have you played a video on social media? And at that moment, when that video makes you forget everything else around you for a few minutes, creating an emotional experience of laughter, tears, heartache or intrigue, you are transported into another realm. A video with a powerful story can impact even the most stoic person, creating a bond with someone (human, furry or otherwise) that you more than likely have never met face-to-face before. And that's a power that you could hold.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1.


This is where the imagination gets to run wild. What story should we tell? Who should be in the video? What tone should we go for? Where should we film?

Step 2.


Where all the hard-work and preparation come to life. Capturing all necessary locations, proper characters and of course high quality gear. Paired with powerful music, graphics and proper storytelling in the timeline.

Step 3.


Share it with the world. Be proud of being different. Embrace the critiques and double down on your efforts.

The Movie Trailer
A home page video that shares your 'why' with the world to make you stand out.
  • The Movie Trailer
  • The About Page Video
  • The Community Video
  • Video Publishing Assets
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Video Publishing
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The Movie Trailer Package
Two story-based videos for your website that tell people who you are and why you do what you do.
  • The Movie Trailer
  • The About Page Video
  • Video Publishing Assets
  • 1 Hour Coaching
  • The Community Video
  • 6-Month Video Publishing
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The Media Company Package
A 12-month video package that builds a foundation for your media company and creates substantial differentiation in your category.
  • The Movie Trailer
  • The About Page Video
  • 24 Social Media Videos & 3x Supporting Content Per Video (96 Pieces of Content Per Year)
  • Video Publishing Assets
  • Regular Coaching Sessions
  • Learn How To Create Social Media Videos
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