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You tell us your story, and we transform it into a cinematic experience.

Core Values > Better Price

What is your purpose beyond the products & services you sell?

Building a ‘media company’ around your core values is where you start on the journey to being an industry leader. We believe any visual content being made for a brand must revolve around the purpose beyond your product. It’s why we built a brand around defiance…

What are you prepared to do in order to attract great team members & work with inspiring customers?

Our Values

Core to how we conduct every project.



Not to be associated with any negative connotation, we believe defiance is about embracing the uncertain path of curiosity based on purpose.



‘What if…’ is our favorite question. What if we could film in Hawaii? What if we could make a phone commercial using track stars? Never be scared to ask ‘What if…?’



How can you be consistently unique if there’s not a base of intention behind your strategy? We believe the more thought out, the better.



Cinematic brand videos are only as good as the company’s imagination. We’re here to help push your creativity.

Our Why

Building a brand that lasts requires something more than products or service information. There must be an idea that sparks curiosity and creates intrigue. An original story that weaves your core values and beliefs throughout, creating interest from those outside looking in. Shifting the focus from what you sell to who you are, creates a brand purpose that differentiates you from the others. It creates connection and trust. Video is the most powerful way to do this.

From Origin Stories, Product Videos, On-Boarding Videos, Video Publishing, Aerial Branding, and custom projects, our videos all have one thing in common. They tell a story that connects with the human spirit. Today, with our North American freelancer team, collectively we get to do what we love; tell stories that make people connect emotionally to otherwise ordinary products. How can we help tell your story?

Defiant Astronaut Media Inc.

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