How can CEOs use video marketing to address social and environmental issues relevant to their industry?

How can CEOs use video marketing to address social and environmental issues relevant to their industry?

How can CEOs use video marketing to address social and environmental issues relevant to their industry?

Jun 1, 2023

Weekly Tip

ICP Inc. | Case Study

Marc Langois, the compassionate and committed CEO of ICP Inc., has consistently demonstrated his dedication to making a positive impact. Even in challenging circumstances, his unwavering determination to help those in need shines through. 

In March 2022, as the war in Ukraine began, Marc wasted no time in taking action. Recognizing the urgent need for assistance, he proposed launching a campaign to support the people of Ukraine. Deeply moved by the distressing events unfolding in the country, he was resolute in his mission to raise funds for the families affected by the war. From the outset, Marc’s passion for the cause was evident. He swiftly organized a video shoot for the campaign, centered around the concept of “pass the hat,” symbolizing the act of collecting donations and sharing the responsibility of charity with others. The aim was to create online buzz and generate rapid interest, enabling the funds to be quickly channeled to those impacted by the war. 

It is worth noting that ICP Inc. had employees who hailed from Ukraine, making the crisis deeply personal for the company. The campaign was not just an abstract idea; it was a meaningful endeavor close to their hearts. The video shoot featured individuals from diverse backgrounds donating to the cause, emphasizing that it was about community unity rather than workplace hierarchy. Time was of the essence, and the team worked diligently to produce the campaign video within a tight schedule. Despite the constraints, they captured compelling footage and launched the campaign within a week.

What truly set this initiative apart was ICP Inc.’s commitment to match every dollar raised, effectively doubling the impact of each donation. This was not a campaign driven by publicity or accolades; it was a genuine effort to make a difference. Marc’s focus was on aiding Ukrainian children, who were among the most vulnerable and severely affected by the conflict. This case study serves as a powerful reminder of how businesses can rise to the occasion and have a significant impact during times of crisis. Marc Langois, through his leadership at ICP Inc., exemplified this by taking immediate action to assist a cause thousands of miles away. It underscores the importance of looking beyond the bottom line and considering how businesses can contribute positively to their communities or support worthy causes. 

The lesson from this story is clear: go beyond your product or service. Consider what your business can do to help your community, organizations, students, or even individuals you may not know personally. Even the smallest contribution can make a difference, setting your business apart by demonstrating care for others rather than solely focusing on profits. Marc Langois and ICP Inc. have shown us what it means to be a compassionate business, serving as an inspiring example for others to follow.