Unique ways to launch a product.

Unique ways to launch a product.

Unique ways to launch a product.

Apr 29, 2023

Weekly Tip

ThermalWood Canada | Case Study

In today’s competitive market, businesses must create compelling stories to promote their products and services. By focusing on the human side and sharing the journey behind innovative solutions, companies can forge deeper connections with their audience. In this article, we’ll explore a case study of our work with ThermalWood Canada, demonstrating how a well-crafted video can effectively promote a sustainable alternative to traditional materials and help sell a purpose, not just a product. The

Challenge and Objective 

ThermalWood Canada sought a promotional video for their new product, Obsidian Ebony, a sustainable alternative to endangered traditional Ebony. The goal was to create an engaging and impactful video that would effectively communicate the innovation and passion behind this game-changing product. 

Crafting a Compelling Story 

After brainstorming for several months, we decided on a two-part video strategy: a 60-second teaser and a 4-6 minute docu-style video capturing the dramatic journey behind creating Obsidian Ebony. This approach aimed to showcase the true essence of ThermalWood Canada and emphasize the human side of their innovative solution.

Execution and Success

In Summer 2022, we traveled to Bathurst, New Brunswick, to film with the ThermalWood Canada team. We captured interviews and insights into their unique process and vision. After post-production was complete, the video was launched, garnering positive reactions and effectively conveying the story behind Obsidian Ebony.

The success of this project highlights the importance of crafting tailored, captivating stories that showcase the human element beyond products and services. By focusing on the purpose behind a solution, businesses can foster deeper connections with their audience and drive meaningful results.


The ThermalWood Canada case study exemplifies the power of storytelling in promoting sustainable solutions and connecting with audiences on a deeper level. By sharing the human side of innovation and focusing on the purpose behind a product, businesses can effectively engage their target audience and create lasting impact. If you have a story to share or an idea worth discussing, we’d love to help bring your vision to life and contribute to your success.